6 Shadow Work Prompts for Midjourney Image Work

Painting style 'Flickering Shadows' Shadow work prompts4

6 Shadow Work Prompts for Midjourney Image Work 3d Style Shadow work prompts Exploring Fear and Resistance 🔑 Prompt : Reflect on fear or resistance, identifying roots, and how understanding can lead to growth and growth in past experiences. 3d style Shadow work prompts Unveiling the Inner Maze 🔑 Prompt : Explore the inner maze, envisioning a … Read more

10 Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts

Dark fantasy1

10 Dark fantasy writing prompts Whispers of the Forgotten 🔑 Prompt : In a desolate graveyard where the souls of the deceased have been forgotten, a group of lost spirits seeks revenge on the living. Unknowingly, they awaken an ancient and malevolent entity that feeds on fear and despair, threatening to unleash darkness upon the world. … Read more